7 most common VPN SCAMS explained | Avoid VPN scam in 2021

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Alongside the premium, reputable providers, the VPN market is flooded with VPN apps designed to steal and sell your data, infect your device with adware and spyware or simply don’t work after you’ve already paid. In this video, I’ll outline 7 most common VPN scams you should be aware of today & in the future.

The greatest advice against every VPN scam is building up awareness. If you learn what a good VPN looks like and what elements of the VPN are most important for you, then there’s no way you’ll fall prey to the scam tactics of the malicious VPNs. Educate yourself and leave scammers biting the dust.

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00:00 Intro

1:02 Can you trust free VPNs?
1:55 Is it possible to buy lifetime VPN’s subscription?

2:50 How to identify a fake VPN?
3:32 What are faulty VPNs main features?
4:26 How do shady VPNs websites look like?
5:38 How to test a VPN to identify false claims?
7:12 Fake comments about VPNs and how to identify them
7:57 Overview: how to avoid VPN scams

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