5 Best encrypted email services for 2021 | Are you using a secure email??

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Gmail is one of the most popular email providers, but is it the most secure? Not really. Even if you have nothing to hide, companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft can routinely report your information to the U.S. government when you use their email services. So, instead, you might want to switch to an encrypted email service. Guys, I will list all top 5 and more secure emails that you can start using today!

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00:00 Intro
1:05 How Gmail uses your information?
1:25 What is an encrypted email?
1:45 What features should have good encrypted email providers?
2:17 Where ProtonMail is based?
2:50 What is the difference betweeen paid and free version of ProtonMail?
3:07 Where Tutanota is based?
3:19 Does Tutanota have a PGP?
3:57 Where CounterMail is based?
4:19 Does CounterMail have a free version?
4:45 Where Fastmail is based?
5:15 Where Hushmail is based?

Best encrypted email providers won’t only utilize PGP encryption and provide a no-logs policy, they will also have enough storage for your emails and attachments and will keep their servers in privacy-friendly locations. Take a good look while choosing an email service, especially if you are frequently dealing with sensitive data.

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