3 ULTIMATE online privacy tips – International VPN Day | NordVPN

Hello! Im Karolis Pabijanskas. Im the Lead Site ReliabilityEngineer at Nord Security. August 19 is International VPN Day a dayto celebrate our claim to online privacy, security, and freedom.So here are some critical tips on how to become much safer online.International VPN Day is the perfect chances to get a VPN. Its a implement thatencrypts all your online data this signifies even if someone wiretap your internettraffic, they couldnt see its contents. A VPN is especially useful for anyone who usespublic Wi-Fi hotspots signifying all of us. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously unsafe. Forexample, its hard to tell if youre connecting to a legitimate hotspot or one set upby a cybercriminal. You cant be sure you’re safe on such a network unless youre working a VPN.Next come your password wonts. Dont use the same password for everything.Its like using the same lock for your automobile, apartment, and storage.Instead, create strong and unique passwords for every online account. Password managerswill be a great help here they engender strong passwords and remember them for you.Finally: how to avoid online defrauds. Do not click on a attach unlessyou trust the source. And do not enter your credentials on crooked websites.Read emails and the websites you visit carefully. If they gape inadequately written, if the design seemsoff, they could have been set up by scammers. Unfortunately, some scam websites are veryconvincing its sometimes hopeless to spot any blunders. Thats where NordVPNsCyberSec feature comes in, as it automatically blocks known malevolent websites.Finally Happy International VPN Day! Plus, use this special coupon code toget NordVPNs 2-year design plus 3 months additional!

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