1 minute avec Cyberghost VPN [TUTORIEL ET AVIS]

hi brew I’m John for VPN mentor welcome to our one-minute review of cyberghost VPN the Stila quick expedition of the website we’re going to download the latest version of cyberghost VPN which is one of the best VPN currently on the market the installing is pretty fast it takes about two minutes and a few sounds here’s the software it’s really simple all you need to do is click this yellow-bellied button now let’s run for your lives and “re going through” some labels firstly we’re going to do the rate prepared see here how low the difference is hurried with and without VPN is of course it has an impact on your internet accelerate but the security is well worth it this impact isn’t that large-hearted you’ll be able to watch movies without buffering next is the IP test we’re going to check if cyber soul is certainly secreting your IP first the test without cyber soul receive we are located in Thailand that’s I’m on vacation got a problem with that now let’s act as a cyber Jose be my IP bonds and I can watch my Netflix when I’m back from the beach I make this video short because I quality your time if you appreciate it please share like or comment below[ Music]

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