🛑Pf Edgar Lungu Losing in His Strong Holds Ecz Official Results HH Maintains The Lead

Good evening, females and gentlemen. The chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Honorable Justices Truu, the vice chairperson, Doctor Emily Joyce Caso, Commissioner Ambassador Alisa Commissioner, Major General Vincent Wakanda Commissioner Ambassador Danii the foreman electoral patrolman, mister Patrick and Shin, the electoral group of imminent people, registered political party representatives, your excellency, heads of delegatings, observers, and spectators, my fellow members of the media. noblewomen and gentlemen, welcome to these informs. I now wish to invite the director electoral policeman to lead us into the process – good evening, everyone.Allow me to call upon the commission Jefferson righteous mister Justice Eu to lead the delegation Thank you. See you all. – good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll announce thirty-one. that one was that one. Constituencies. I’m saying that we’ll announce the research results. for thirty-one constituencies. and the first three will be announced by the immorality Chairperson physicians. a specify of next nine.By Commissioner. Next determined of nine by Jen. The last-place nine will be announced by Commissioner Mt. and check the poise there. Thank you. Thank you. Now are the results. for constituency. District. responsibility. Richard LM four. AM. the EF five. the EFF five. six. Six. You end up Steven Nahrep. Nine. You know the Nahrep nine He said Lazarus. USD ten. He said, Lazarus. SUD. ten Md ten. Md ten. fifteen. on the fifteen. Tonga in third Liberation movement seventeen in third move, seventeen Haha UP Twenty-two. and twenty. UPPZ. 37. Genders. UPPZ. 37. When the Andy a battalion. When the and nine 120. Hp. Hundred and 12020. SP. hundred. 121 may be afraid. SP. Hundred and 121. Kalahari. DP. 440. 441. Kalahari, DP, 441, 5000, 5100, 5100, three. 5163. 810 thousand. and eighteen. ten Comma zero one. Now, the research results. constituency in District Southern region. Excuse-moi and look at the number of members of registered voters. Twenty 22 thousand 22100. 22191. Valid votes shed sixteen 16 thousand 16 thousand 16088, scorned votes 538 total elects thrown sixteen 16006, 16626, 16626% turnout Seventy-four Point, 74.9, 74.92, Back to constituency. District Southern Province. Now are the answers, Miranda Nahrep, zero on the EFF two.Recharge. two two. don’t get enough. campaign for UPS. Six. MD seven. Mamba Cylinder, TSU may be afraid. Socialist party A. He said that USD. thirteen. AM. Twenty-four. Kalahari Dp thirty. 36. How do UP. 51. Three. 300. 363. you. went 26 thousand 26900. 26942. 6940. registered voters at this constituency. 31500 31536 Valid elects cast 27 thousand 27400 27470 rebuffed votes 486 total of elects given twenty 27 thousand 27956, percentage turnout eighty-eight object 88.65. Thank you. You did it. One more. Here are the results for constituency. The district is and the provinces and territories You’re zero. BLM zero. zero. Tonga. R. shift. nine. Md eleven. thirteen. She said that. USD fifteen. I’m VP and P twenty-eight. tells UPPZ. 33. HP Forty-two. Be progressive party Seventy-six. The common Eighty-three. Harry Dp. registered voters in this constituency. where 19 Thousand 19729 varied polls cast 15 thousand 15200 15296, rebuffed elections 500 575 total polls given fifteen 15008, 15800, 15871 representing percentage turnout, eighty station. 80.4. 80.45. 80.45%. Thanks very much, physician. You know, will need to read the next prepare of results. Thank you, chairperson. Now are the answers for constituency. in the district. The region is also called the platform district Miranda. Stephen Nahrep. one paw. OM three. EFF eight. eleven. MD eighteen. You need eighteen. ton. Twenty-two. PUP Twenty-six. She said Lazarus. USD City. UPP Thirty-one, Np Fifty-eight. and park. 142. Kalahari. Dp 204. Men. five. 580. 582. Hi, Hain. Ud Five 5000. 5500. 5513. nineteen. 19 thousand. 19001. 19100. 2919. com. 129. They’re registered voters Number stands at 35 thousand. 35250. 35253. The legitimate referendums assigned We’re at 25 thousand. 25796 Rejected Ballot Papers were 900. 989. thought of elects Cast Twenty-six. 26 thousand. 26700. 26785 representing a percentage of voter turnout of 76 Point. 76.02. 76.02%. Proceed to it is the constituency in the district. Central province You render Stephen Nahrep. one Richard LM two. three. The five LM seven.Can Seven. Eleven’s MMMMD thirteen. 813. S. fourteen. the ballpark. 37. Kalahari DP fifty-nine. how to do Hy Vee. UP. Eighty-four, worker. SP. 90.2. Edgar Thief. 2000. 2400. 2442 two Comma 443. I’m sorry. Two comma 443. 26 seven. and 6926 zero The number of cross-file voters for the constituency stood at 59 thousand 59006 59640 one and the the valid elects assigned were 28008 28860 were scorned. Votes stood at 956 and the full amounts of the was thrown where twenty-nine 29 thousand 29800 29816 representing the chairperson. If the percent voter turnout of 75 object 75.2 75.2% I moved now to Maa. central constituency in Maza District Southern region. Miranda. Step. two polls. Three. Richard LOM. Tonga. five. Lazarus. USD five. You need 510. six. the UPP. Md sixteen. may be afraid. SP. 56. I’m a DP. 69. How many UP. 100. 102. 102. and four. 400. 415. 415. Edgar Thief. 5000. 5400. 5468 five Comma 468. in the UND Thirty-nine. 39 thousand. 39005. 39550. 439 Coma 554. The total number of registered voters for Maza Central. It’s 58 thousand 58900 58950 58954 The appraise was assigned were 45 thousand 45700 45756 rebuffed elects stand at 665, the total of elects given were 46 thousand 46400 46401 returning us a percentage of voter turnout of 78 time 78.71 78.71% These are the results for the east constituency that neighborhood Northwestern province Richard LOM two to my mummy. You need to step four. MD four. The EF five. AM nine. Twelve. SD. the UPP. Fifteen. females be afraid.Point 15.5. and thirty 36. Kalahari DP Sixty-five. VPN. UP. 65. Edgar. 1000. 1300. 1300. 93.1 Comma. in the UND eighteen. 18 thousand 18200. 18200. 7118. Coma two seven. The total number of registered voters for is 26317. The valid referendums cast were 19 thousand 19923 rebuffed elections 428, the full amounts of the votes assigned twenty 20 thousand 20300, 20300, 20351 representing percentage points of voter turnout of 77 object 77.3 77.33 77.33% And now, wish to announce the arise for Soros. East constituency. District. District. No, it’s Western province. Richard. LOM one. five. you. Nahrep. You need nine. neighbours. eleven. When the EFF eleven. UPP. 818. be afraid. Twenty-six. She said Lazarus. 33. I’m a haste. nine. Banda and eight, eight. Edgar. one. 1000. 1500. 1575. 575. the PD 11 thousand. 11500. 11580. 11582. Live in coma. 582. The total number of registered voters for the East constituency stands at 19968 The valid elections given were 13 thousand 13400 13469 rebuffed referendums at 656 total of votes thrown fourteen 14001 14100 14101, 105 representing a voter turnout of seventy point 70.6 percentage. the next constituents chair. constituency. District seven state. Bimbo. elections. Two. When if a four Richard six You need six. Md seven. NHT nine. Steven Nahrep. eleven. UPP Twenty-two. just said Lazarus. SD Twenty-six. be afraid. Thirty-two. The **** Fifty. 54. Eighty-four. how to do UP. 100. 150. 157. 137. Longo. Edgar. 1000. 1006. 1600. 1683. one six. the UND. forty. 48 thousand. 48300. 48354. 334. that total number of cross-file voters for sinners. stood at 61 thousand. 61656. The depression divorced We have 50 thousand 50400. 50419. rejected elections. 1000 hundred and 111 1111. The total elections given were 51 51005 51530 and that represents a total percentage voter turnout of Eighty-three point 83.5. 83.58. 83.58%. the next ingredients. my lord. is constituency. District. province. MD to vote. to vote. You need three elections. If if if four elections Richard M six elections. UP eight. seven. HP Fourteen. Miranda, Stephen Nahrep. fourteen Tonga Ano. fourteen. She said. SD sixteen. be afraid. 24. and Twenty-seven. DP. how to do UP. 56. one comma. UND. 20 thousand. 20600. 20625. The total number of registered voters. for Sierra Constituent is 26 thousand. 26200. 26265. The valid elects shed were 22 thousand 22200 22210 scorned votes 400 405 of referendums Cast Twenty-two. 22 thousand. 22600. 22615 representing percentage points of voter turnout of Eighty-six pitch 86.10. 86.1%. I now was announced the answers for the constituency. District Southern Province. If if zero. Steven.Nahrep. one, two, in HP three. Sean. Sean. four. seven. AM. eight. The UPP at twelve. She said Lazarus USD nineteen. may be afraid. the 27. and Thirty-six. I’m a DP Fifty-six. How do UP. 90.6. Edgar. Ud. 29. 29 thousand. 29749. com. seven. the total number of registered voters for constituency stands at 36 thousand. 36800 36812 Very elects. Cast 30 thousand. 30900. 30993. rebuffed polls. 456. Total votes. shed that 1000 1400 1449 percentage voter turnout. Eighty-five. 85% Eighty-five point 85.43. 85.43%. I now wish to announce the decisions for constituency Se District Northern Province. You render Steven Nahrep. nine. Richard LOM Twenty-four. twenty. 27. When if if if one M. Forty-Eight. neighbours. MD Fifty-two. Nd Fifty-seven. unique. Sixty-seven. six. TUP. 112. 1120 0. 11200. 11205. 105. She said Lazarus. 112. 112. UPP. 116. 116. because I have a haste. 185. Edgar. 10 thousand. 10600. 7316 seven. thirteen. 13 thousand. 13 thousand. 13017. com. zero one. The total multitude of registered voters for he stands at 44 thousand. 44005 44543 The clod was shed. where at 25600 25658 repudiated elections. One 1300. 1395 and they mulled was given. We are 27 thousand. 27 thousand. 27050. 320. 7033. throwing us a percentage of voter turnout of sixty point 60.69 60.69% and I wish to read the results for syringe.Constituency and this is in Syringe District Central province. Richard. Three. you. step four. Nada. four. cadence Sean Pep five. When so unique. nine. Lazarus. That USD 21. MMD twenty-eight. HP twenty-nine. to do. UP. P. 61. and foot. be afraid. ninety-nine. UND. 7000. 7000. 7085 707085. Edgar. nine. 9000. 9800. 9800. 9887. nine com. eight. the total number of cross-file voters for syringe is 29 thousand. 29007. 29720. 29728. Very diverse cast seventeen 17400 17408 repudiated the votes. 620 total elects given 18 thousand 18 thousand 18028 uttering us a theme for the turnout of sixty point 60.64%. and now it’s to announce the upshots for a constituency. neighborhood Osaka province seven. When did if if 7 AM nine. Stephen Nahrep. Tonga. M fifteen. the SD sixteen. UP. 823. my mom. so unique. Twenty-five HP, Forty-six. banding and sixty Neighbors, MD seventy, may be afraid. It’s 391. PUP Ninety-six. Kalahari, Dp, 119, Lobo, Edgar, 21. 20183. com. eight three. Ud. 33. 33 thousand. 33600. 33647. Coma six. The total number of registered voters for a fewer constituency stood at seventy-eight 78 thousand. 78700 78765. The importance poll shoot stands at fifty 54 thousand 54400 54430 of which 1000 1124 were accepted elects the full amounts of the elections throw Where 55 Thousand. 55500. 55554 giving us a voter. percentage turnout of seventy point 70.53. 70.53% of the votes. Uh thank you, mister loudspeaker. Thanks exceedingly much. to read the next set of causes. Thank you, chair. I’ll start with uh constituency for district in the province. When the EFF Twenty-seven. Richard Lm Twenty-nine. Sean Pep. Seventy-three. Mums Md. seven eight. you. three. Miranda. Stephen Nat. 100. Tonga. one. 164 164. Kalahari Dp one 173. 173. N Hp, one. 194. Chanda. UPPZ. 200. 250. 250. Banda, and M Park. 500. 563. 563. Fifteen. 15 thousand. 15500. 15551. one five comma. Edgar Pf eighteen. 18 thousand. 18002. 18222. 18222. registered voters in constituency fifty 58 thousand 58800 58847 58847. Valley Devotes casting Thirty-five 35 thousand 35009, 35936, Comma, 936, scorned elections one 1000 200. 267. 1267. Total polls assigned. 37. 37 thousand. 37200. 37203. three. com. and percentages per Turnout. 62. 62.2 62.22 62.22% The next one is District responsibility. Stephen Nahrep. Richard. Sean Pep nineteen. When the EFF 22. I’m 27. forty-one. Nes Md. 54. She said Lazarus USD fifty-nine. Charles UPP. 62. I’m going to do a VPN UP. 65. Np One. 100. 187 187. and M Park. 200. 219. one nine. SP three. 300. 307. 307. Kalahari. 1000. 1600. 1600. 1687. 1687. UND. thousand. 9500. 9598. nine five. Edgar. twenty. 25 thousand. 25400. 25475. Comma 475. registered voters in the constituency. Fifty 57 thousand 57800. 57856 five. Coma. votes thrown thirty 37 thousand 37008, 37844 three, Coma eight rebuffed votes.One 1060 1065 1065, Total elects thrown. thirty-eight. 38 thousand. 38009. 38900. 38909. 38909, and the percentage turnout. Sixty-seven degree 67.25 67.25% I move on to Lucas Constituency Casa District in the northern district. Nada. Nahrep. Six. Mums Md thirty. 37. She said Lazarus SD. 39. I VPN up Forty-four. Forty-five. Np. 100. 100. 102 one the UPP. One. 100. 115. 115. Kalahari. 100. 147 147. Banda, and for a 218. 218. member. SP. 238, to three eight. thousand. 1002. 1238. 10238. Edgar. Pf thirty. 30 thousand. 30100. 30101. 30101. registered voters constituency. 54. 54 thousand. 54300. 54397. 64397, elected, uh valid votes shed um 41 thousand 41003 41397 41397 accepted votes one 1000 1200 1215 213. of polls thrown for the 2000. 2006. 2600. 2610. 2614 two commas. and the percentage turnout 66 66.1 66.17 uh percent Next is Constituency in Ibarra, District of Northern Province. Miranda. Nahrep. Ten mud. forty-one. Hy VPN UP fifty. you. 52. HP. Fifty-five. She said Lazarus USD. seventy. 77 zero. the UPP. eighty. 83. fourteen. 14 thousand. 14800. 14821. 14821. in the UND fifteen. 15 thousand 15004. 15477. Comma 477. and the uh registered voters in Uma constituency.Fifty 54 thousand and Eighty-six. Five. legitimate elects given at 1000. 1343. three one comma. rejected elections 1000 1400 1408 one comma 408, Total elects cast 32 thousand 32007, 32700, Three, two, and percentages per turnout was sixty. 60.5. 60.55. followed by constituency in District Southern Province. Ef. Stephen Nahrep. Zero. Richard Lm. three. four. Md. That’s UPP. Twelve. twenty. said Lazarus USD twenty. 21. and M Park. 35. SP. 43. Kalahari DP Forty-eight I’m going to do the VPN one 100. 110. 110. Edgar. PF one. 1000. 1300. 1376. one comma 376. the UND thirty. 34 thousand. 34900. 34900. 92.3 four com. total registered voters in constituency. 44 thousand 44005. 44566 44566. Valid elects given Thirty-six 36 thousand 36006, 36674 36674, rebuffed elections, 800 828 two eight. total votes assigned. 37. 37 thousand. 37500. 37502. three seven com. and changing into a turn out of Eighty-four time 84.15. 84.15%. Next call my constituency. in the uh district. Western region. When the FF two. Richard LM three. Te Sean Pep four. Stephen Nahrep, six to FL. seven. Charles UPP nine. MD eleven. She said Lazarus USD eleven. N Hp. one three. Banda and M forty. 42. Kalahari. uh Forty-six. representative SP fifty 656, VPN up. Seventy-seven. Edgar. 2000. 2700. 2725 2725. in the UND seventeen. 17 thousand 17800. 17800. 17886 17886. registered voters. 29 thousand. 29006. 29611 two nine. Valid elects given twenty 20 thousand 20009, 20908 20908, rebuffed referendums 400 448 448, total of polls, cast 21, 21 thousand 21003, two, one. comma. and the percentage turnout Seventy-two degree. 72.1. 72.1%. and move on constituency. region in the eastern region. El 22. Uh 353. I’m the TS. fifty. 656. mums. ninety-nine. nine. nine. VPN. UP. 100. INSP. 100, 102, She said Lazarus USD one. 120. 121 121. Chanda. UPPZ 137 137. member, SP one, 176 176, Kalahari, DP one 100, 190. 193. 193, Andy Ford, MA. Hundred 360. 364. 364. 13 thousand. 13004. 13004. Edgar. PF fourteen. 14 thousand. 14200. 14265 14265. registered voters. um constituency, Forty-four. wrong thousand 7017, four seven lethargy valid referendums given twenty-eight 28 thousand. 28783. 28783. spurned votes. 1000. 1077. 1077, Total elects shed twenty. 29 thousand 29008. 29860. 29862 nine coma. percentage turnout Sixty-three Point 63.51, 63.51%, I refer you. Well, thanks very much uh general you know, to the next thank you mister chairman. I’ll starting with uh constituency Kam District in Wapo responsibility Richard LM zero.Pep three. Nada. Stephen Nahrep, four me. EFF five Tonga a third LM six, eight. thirteen. She said Lazarus. SUSD eighteen. PUPUP. 29. Chanda UPPZ 34, NHP Forty-one member. SP. Forty-nine Kalahari DP, Andy Ford Park Seventy-eight. UND six 6000. 6500. 6529 6529. Lugo Edgar. PF for 14 Thousand. 14080, for Coma zero eight. This represents the total registered voters of at at uh 1885 Valid elects given 20 thousand. 20900. 20963 repudiated polls 581 total referendums, cast 21, 21 thousand 21544 representing a percentage water turnout of 77 77.26 77.26% I now move on to mega Constituency District Summer in Northern province. Miranda. Stephen Nahrep. One pep. three. EFF five. Richard LM nine. Nes MD nine. She said, Lazarus USD eleven, Tonga Enoch, third LM thirteen, Chanda Child’s UPPZ Twenty-one, UP.Thirty-one. SP. 67. and the common. seventy. 72. Kalahari, Dp 120, NHP. 180, in the UND 7000. 7008. 7861 seven coma eight Pf 12 thousand. 12200. 12200. 1212. Coma. 212. registered voters wholly. We’re at 28006. 28600. 28602 Valid Votes cast with 20600 20625 scorned votes were 639, Total elects, elects given 21, 21 thousand 21264 representing a percentage turnout of 74 Point 74.34 74.34% and now move on to a constituency in a neighborhood of western state. Richard LM one. Miranda Nahrep. One EFF two mam. three. Enclosures. Pep three. MMD Seven. Np seven. Tonga A third LM nine. She said lazarus USD. twelve to the UP fourteen representative. SP Forty-five Kalahari Dp 52 Ham Pup Fifty-four, Banda, and Park. Fifty-six, Lugo Edgar, Pf. 1000. 1300. 1305 Juan Coma three zero in the UND fifteen 15 thousand. 15834 one Comma, registered voters are Twenty-six. 26800 26867 valid referendums cast 17 thousand 17004, 17400, 17405 repudiated polls 647, total votes thrown 18 thousand 18050, 18052, representing percentage points of voter turnout of 67 Point 67.19 67.9% and I’ll move on to and say constituency of Lugo District in the northern province. Richard LM two Nada, Stephen Nahrep, three EFF four Pep nine Tonga Enoch, third LM fourteen. the human rights unit fifteen Giza SUSD. 27. Nes MD thirty. PUP forty. Forty-five. NHP. seventy. 74. Kalahari DP 90.1, SP 150, 158, 158, Park. 170. 178. 178. UNG. thousand. 8009. 8900. 8907 eight. Edgar, PF. 17 thousand. 17100. 17180. 217. Coma 182 Register. Vote. with 38 thousand. 38700. 38753 Valid votes Cast 26 thousand. 26007. 26779, repudiated votes 900 987 total votes assigned twenty 27 thousand 27700, 27766 percentage turnout seventy 71, 71.6, 71.65, 71.65%, and I to come to Los Central of Osaka District in Osaka province. Tonga ALM three. She said Lazarus USD six. Chanda UPP seven, Miranda Stephen Nahrep, eight Tebow Pep nine, Richard LM thirteen. EFF Twenty-two. You Ham Hy Vee UP Fifty-four, Banda, Andy Ford Park, Sixty-five, NHP eighty. 86, SV 100, 157 one Md. 222. Kalahari. Dp. 227 227. Edgar, Pf twenty. 26 thousand. 26003. 26300. 26318. two six Coma. in the UND Thirty-eight 38 thousand. 38800. 38800. 3538. Coma eight registered voters were 90.3 Thousand 93300 93367 legitimate referendums shed with 66 thousand 66 thousand 66058 accepted referendums were 690 total polls shed were 66 66 thousand 66700 66748 representing a percentage turnout of 71 extent 71.49 71.49% and I move on to my constituency in my quarter of the cob.Province. Nada Nahrep. two Richard LM two MMD five five Tonga Enoch, third LM eight ten. She said Lazarus USD sixteen. You NHP. Twenty-nine Chanda Charles UPPZ thirty. 32, PUP Forty-three. Me, SP, Forty-seven, Kalahari DP fifty, Andy Ford Park, Ninety-four, Edgar Pf nine 9000. 9400. 9400 99.9 Com, in the UND 12 thousand. 12100. 12130. 812 Comma, registered voters with 30 thousand 30300 and sixty-one valid elections assigned with 22 thousand 22 thousand 22003 repudiated elects 700 700 730 total of votes thrown twenty 22 thousand 22007 22700 22730 22733 representing percentage points voter turnout of 74 74.88 74.88% again, I move on and I move move on to my constituency in District of Northwestern region. EFF. Richard LM two. three. Miranda, Stephen Nahrep, four Tonga. Third LM five. MD seven. NHP. Seven. UPPZ eight. She said Lazarus USD twelve, Kalahari Dp thirty. 35, Banda, Andy Ford Park, thirty, 37, Hy Vee Pup, forty-eight. Edgar Pf. 2000. 2900. 2925. 2925. PG 13 thousand. 13007. 13700. 13750. 13758 one Coma. registered voters with 20 thousand. 20005. 20500. 20597 Valid votes cast sixteen 16 thousand 16900 16900 16934 accepted elects 300 336 Total elects given seventeen 17 thousand 17200, 17270 representing percentage points turnout of Eighty-three target 83.85 83.85% your constituency. That’s the next one in District of the Copper province. Nada Stephen Nahrep zero. She said Lazarus USD Zero Tebow Pep one Tonga Enoch, third, Ellen two, Richard LM three, The child’s UPP for mas. you. EFF four Neves. MD eight, Banda, Andy Ford Park eighteen Hy Vee. PUP eighteen, Twenty-eight Kalahari DP, boy. forty. 45. Edgar Pf six. 6000. 6007. 6700. 6721 six coma seven two. Up. PG. eight 8000. 8100. 8100. 8104 eight lethargy one registered voters were 20 thousand 20004 20498 legitimate polls given were 15 thousand rejected votes 219, total votes shed fifteen, 15 thousand, 15200, 15219 representing a percentage voter turnout of 74 Point 74.25 74.25% when I moved to West Constituency of District in Northwestern province, Nada Stephen Nahrep, three Tebow Pep four, Richard LM six EFF eight ballpark. VPN U. 100. 102 102. Loo Edgar. PF 1000. 1600. 1600. 1631 11631, in the UND. 33 thousand. 33003. 33300. 33301. three three zero. regist ered voters were 47 thousand 47600 47696 legitimate referendums given with 35 thousand 35300 35359 accepted votes were 800 868 total elections given with Thirty-six thousand 1200, 1200, 1227 representing percentage points turnout of 75 75.95 75.95% I submit. thank Well, thanks very much. You know, this is um declare the last one and “its from” constituents. in District of Northwestern Province. Sunday. one. pep one. Richard OM three. Miranda Stephen Nahrep. three Mums Md five. NSP. Eight. Ten. Tonga. FM. Thirteen. the UPP Twenty-five. She said that Lazarus. USD Twenty-seven. Kalahari Dp 37. Banda. AM. Fifty-nine. Pf. 2000. 2002. 2279 “re coming out”. 279 is in the UND 22 thousand 22100. 22162. due to a common one. Six. This represents registered voters of 32 thousand. 32 thousand. 32017. 320070. was 24. 24700. 24730. four Commerce 730 spurned divorce 600, 660, 663, 663, total of 25 thousand 25390, 25393, 25393, percentage turnout, seventy-nine. 79.1. 79.18. 79.1879. 1.. 18. That’s complaints. The one constituents that you know, we’re prepared for this session. And now, I’ll proceed to announce the consolidated decisions. for 62 out of 156 constituents. so far received EFF. Which ones? Which one is this? that has previously been announced. Mister chairman III am the person who is predict uh Western province.I read it. Mister Chairperson, please let’s have degree and be complied with the thoughts. Pay attention when we’re announcing and don’t disrupt the proceedings. satisfy. EFF 450. 455. 455. Miranda Nahrep. 519. Richard. AM 524. 596. S. You need one com. Tonga. a FM. one. 1000. 1082 one com. 126. 2626. PM. 3600. 3637 three Commerce. 637. member. SP. 6000. 6014. six com. Banda, an effect 7000. 7100. 7118 seven com. 118. Kalahari. DP. 8000. 8400. 8498. 8498. Edgar, Pf. 562. 562 thousand. 562500. 5625 23 562, Comma, is in the UND 1000020. 1024 000. 1024002. 1024200. 3956, The two of us. We are 1000006. 1000 668. 1668000. 1668369. one com. Coma. and this represents a total of 73. 38. 73.38%. Thank you. Hold on, delight. Hold on, delight. on the chief electoral man. on the place. for tonight. We will end up here. and you are well aware, we’ll proceed tomorrow morning with the results that will come through in the night. We admonish the time for tomorrow morning. because 12 hours tomorrow morning. Please, can I have your features? Can I delight? Can I have your scrutiny? Yes, mister and Mike is there. Alright, can I carried out with a combo delight? Thank you very much.Um I’m rising on the outcomes that you’ve just announced for Maka Central Constituency earlier in the day. B. the process of consolidating your PR person told us that she was just mandated to interface with us and that when she brings this before the experts in their local communities in the committee, I beg your pardon. will then be reverted to our nervousness. Our observation from the notice that was cleared by Commissioner Sua “whos been” Maaa has revealed that. Yes, certainly, “youve had” corrected the mistake that happened in Maza. by way of giving back mister his elects but “theyre not” 374. Because he’s still short-lived by a few elects. The anatomy that you should have announced is 39 thousand 39900 39920 eight votes instead of what you’ve announced of 39 thousand 39500. 39554. the relevant figures for mister and Banda should have read for one referendums but on your document. It’s predicting 400. 412. Now the above figures do not lie. would like us to beat each other. farewell but in good nighttime but we wish to get you to reconcile these figures when we meet tomorrow at whatever go there is a desire us to meet That is our concern. I suspect that there was no thoroughness in glancing at the document that came. the paper that I have which I’m ready to surrender to you here and now signed off by every registered political party including Pf. reveals that mister get thirty. 39 thousand. 39900. 39928 votes. So, I was just wondering what you could go ahead and announce the chassis of 39005 39554 which is faulty. So, maybe that is something that we can work on sleepover and proper tomorrow if permits. We want every single vote for our candidates no matter whether it’s one, two, or three, I defer and thank you for enabling us to produce our concerns through. Well, thanks very much, mister combo for that. observation but I will call upon the primary electoral patrolman to respond to your concern. recognize. Thank you. Uh I’ll have to look at the documents that are being including references to uh “were having” documents that are used for election purposes starting with the gen twenty to the record of processes and undoubtedly the final, there’s a provisional records of proceedings then you get the final. So, to its implementation of the process, what happens is that you’ll have the gen twenty which will be taken to the toddling core at the Toddling Center. You have the recording of proceedings who the hell is provisional as the results come in and these are given to stakeholders for verification. Once that has been done, there is now the final record of advancing and really the issuance of the twenty-one which stakeholders sign up to. So, I’ll is necessary to check what uh mister Combo is referring to. I think it would be premature for us to comment on that. I do take notice also that he has once gone to the media before he even reconciliation is done and I meditate on the place of leadership, it is important that you communicate before you even run to the media. The country is tense previously as it is As the results come and we expect responsibility from every ruler uh to ensure that at the time the findings are coming out.Everything is in fiat. We taken due note of that and we’ll take note of the documents that you have and we’ll be able to verify what you have indicated. Thank you, Chair documents are ready for submission right now but making advantage of your responses and at the cost of making a dialogue between yourself and I. Yes, we did talk to the press because what’s going on here is a public circumstance and there was no malice whatsoever in us causing “the two countries ” know what we are going through. what prompted us to do that is because there has been this bia of gagging people’s idioms in this room.So, as you go to bed, Please rethink the question of establish the people a freedom of the media so that we can move in one vehicle and arrived here a good make when you are decides to open the next chairwoman. – good evening. It’s a combo now. Yes. Oh yes. If you want us to be very thorough, If you’d allow us to rest. This is This This is This is very important. Tomorrow. tomorrow morning, I make your wife’s. we’ll deliver the documents tomorrow. No , no , no. Give us the documents tonight. All I’m saying is that we have a lot of work tomorrow. a lot of work because the nation is waiting for the results and it’s the same parties now that “re going to have to” check on some of the things that you are elevate and likewise our substance that sleep here in degree for us to have reports ready. are being delayed. It is important that we work together on this so that we finish the job precisely and rapidly we invite that if there are any publications, cause them been solved rapidly without us having to play to the gallery.I contemplate exception, excuse me, commissioner, it is important. Excuse me. Excuse me. It is. You think you are condescending me for you to say I’m playing to the gallery. There’s no gallery now. The gallery was outside. If you had an excuse me, you you provided that platform for parties to communicate. So, let’s not disagree here because I respect all of you. You don’t. Well, thanks very much and uh let’s respect each other and you witness now, we are joined the current session tomorrow as announced the authorities concerned will be back at midday.Thank you. Good night. Ladies and gentlemen, uh representatives from the press. Let’s meet uh tomorrow at twelve as admonished for political stakeholders. We request that at 1130, you are able to reconvene in your office.

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