🔵VPN GRATUIT : TOP 3 (+1) des Meilleures Offres Vraiment Gratuites en 2021

Hello and welcome to this video presenting the very best free VPNs. So, in this video, I’m going to introduce you to some VPNs that are really free. Genuinely free that means that you will not need to fill in the least pay programme. The report contains, you won’t even need to create one for yourself. detail, you will just have to download the application and you can directly be able to use the VPN for free.So we will see in this video 3 VPNs that are really free, also at the end I goes to show you a little ruse that allows you to enjoy the best paid VPN for 30 days. So, the maneuver will consist, we will come back to it, to subscribe to the offer then to in fact take advantage of the 30 -day free trial period to request the cease the indemnity. So we’ll see that at the end of the video, if you are interested in hear right there. Also I will put you in the video description immediately links to different parts of the video. Like this, if you want to go immediately to a specific location in the video, “youre going to” click and you will be instantly there, so you find yourself easily and you can directly go to the part of the video that interests you. So it’s left.We’re gonna strike with the first free VPN we are intending to introduce you and it’s ProtonVPN. So, ProtonVPN why are we consider it the first and best free VPN? Because, we are going to enlarge it a little now, we will see the ended application. Because there is really unlimited bandwidth. What is that does that mean that it is unlimited in terms of bandwidth? Is that you are not extending, so I been closed down that very, so we are not jumble with it all, like that “youre not” departing, you are not going to be limited at all in terms of your bandwidth. You will be able to download, share, browse without any restriction, whether you exhaust 1 giga, 10 gigas, 100 gigas on the same month you will never be blocked. The second great advantage of ProtonVPN which starts it orientation as the best VPN free today is that when you make the free offer, even without the slightest pay technique, you will still benefit for seven days of their ProtonVPN+ offer.So in fact it’s their fee offering. So, all the free VPNs out there that we present to you, whether ProtonVPN, which we see now, Windscribe or Hide.Me, they all have also paid offers, but that we will not talk about these paid offers in this video, that’s not the subject. There, the goal is to present their gives free and explain to you why they are really interesting. So Proton when you make the subscription for free, sorry, you will have direct access to Proton+ during seven days. So for seven days you will have access to all the features of the paid due, but without paying. So that really is very nice. You will both have no transfer limit. So you can really browse without limit and in addition, you can connect to all countries. So there you can see all the countries.There are still quite a few, which is very unusually very interesting for a free VPN. The small problem is that, of course, after seven days, the Proton+ it will, it will disappear. We will invite you either to pay to continue apply Proton +, or of course to stay in free state and in such cases, it becomes much less interesting. You still have the band restraint bandwidth, but you are limited to the country level and you merely have the USA, the Netherlands and Japan. There are only three countries that it is capable of connect. So that is really really a shame in our views, peculiarly if you miss what is very very often, exceedingly highly often having a French IP address, will not be possible with ProtonVPN free at the end of the seven days.So that really is a shame. We can you register a little bit what it looks like. So there you have it, if we look at his offer. We have the free offer which is here, so with three countries, simply one manoeuvre, so maneuver and likewise, oh yes, we can talk about that, it’s the rapidity, the rate that is medium. So clearly you are on a lot less servers and lower caliber servers and suddenly, you will have strong influences in terms of speed.There you have the paid offers but that “were not going” talk about in this video. Ok, that’s it for ProtonVPN. The second VPN that we will present to you now is Windscribe. Truly free VPN, VPN that doesn’t even require you to create yourself an detail, you are eligible to immediately download it and as you download it instantly, you have an app that was like to that. So the app is pretty cool. It is really well distributed according to us and you are familiar with, if you don’t report, 2 gigas per month of bandwidth, so 2 gigabytes is very, very limited. To give you an order of magnitude, when you watch HD video on Netflix, in an hour “youre using” a giga.So in other words, you will have 2 HD viewing on Netflix if you activate the VPN and that’s over the month. This is if you don’t create an account. If you create an account, ever staying free , no need to employed a payment method, you will then have 10 gigas. So 10 gigabytes, and is already getting more interesting, that is 10 hours of HD viewing per month. Undoubtedly, it’s not big as soon as you go, if you download and directly 10 gigabytes, the report contains movies we download that are going to be more than 10 gigabytes, so it’s very limited. Which is very very good on the other hand and which are able to construct you very run you turn to Windscribe rather than ProtonVPN, it means that Windscribe in free version it has ten countries available. Ten countries, including France, the United Regime, Canada. If I am not mistaken “theres been” the United Kingdom.Therefore in fact, as soon as there are little performs, it’s actually premium. Very well replenished, as you can see and therefore this is in free procedure. You have the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland or there you have it, the UK. But you don’t have for example, that’s a shame you look for free you cannot access Windflix UK. So Windflix is their special servers for Netflix, so that works for Netflix. Note that most free VPNs does not work for Netflix regrettably, except for example if you make ProtonVPN and for the first seven days you will have Proton +, and in this case, you will manage to unblock Netflix, but otherwise you won’t be able to unblock Netflix with a free VPN because you can be found in, the servers that are specific for Netflix are not accessible in free account. So that’s a little of a dishonor. Despite everything, it is a very good application. It is certainly free. She works very well. It is perfectly secure. So all VPNs that we give in this video of course, are secure. There is a lot of free VPNs that are not, that keep logs, that seek resell them of course to finance themselves, this is not the case with Windscribe and that is obviously why we are able to recommend. We can show you a little to what it looks like the level of supply. If we go in tariffs here, so like you Said it, all the free VPNs we furnish you, they too have volunteers compensating, but we’re not going to watch them. What is interesting is there, we understand the difference in servers between free and paid. So there is one sixty if you offer, there are only ten, but in France, that’s really interesting who is France, it is really very good in the free offer. Afterwards, you likewise got a lot, there are a lot of features in fact at Windscribe and they are, like Robert to block ads, trackers and all that, or other encryption etiquettes that don’t will not be available for free, but are available for a fee. So here is. I think we took the tour for Windscribe. We will be able to assault the third largest Free VPN we want to present to you and it’s Hide.Me.So Hide.me, why is it interesting? It is interesting because it has 10 gigas of bandwidths. So you will be able to use 10 gigas, so like Windscribe if you create an account. we reminded the committee that Windscribe otherwise it is 2 gigabytes if you do not have initiated your chronicle. And There “theres going”. So Hide.Me is not the nicer app to be honest. We are not a devotee follower. It is not too bad either, but it’s still fairly instinctive. It’s translated into French, so which is appreciable, of course, but there you have it. that’s not transcendent either, it is not manufacture you dream. There, all these servers are those who will not be available, so Hide.Me in free copy. You know, you will have, so I said before, 10 gigas per month and you will have the ability to connect to servers in Canada, Netherlands, Germany, or the United State. So you have two in the United Country. It’s a little disappointing, lastly if we compare compared to the 2 free VPNs that we have interpreted before. It’s a little less good, since if we compare the ProtonVPN directly, there is more or less access to the same countries, but at Proton you are unlimited and in addition, you will have seven Proton+ dates at the beginning. So, it makes genuinely an advantage. And in addition, and here it is, the nations that is worth. If we compare to Windscribe, you have exactly the same bandwidth, therefore 10 gigas against 10 gigas and you do not have the possibilities offered by connect in France, you is not have the possibility to connect to the Kingdom Uni, which clears it a little of a chagrin. it’s still a very good VPN free. He will do the job. There is no problem at this rank. you are able to being able to use it without entering any banking info is really really free so at this rank , good-for-nothing to say. It’s just that that’s it for us, it’s a shame not to be able to connect to a server French , not being able to watch Netflix with our VPN, that It is kind of a shame.You can quickly look what Hide.Me. Their offer she is here. Again unsurprisingly, “youve had” the option of go on paid offers as ever, but we will explain why we is not necessarily recommend the paid offers of free VPNs, but preferably if you crave, if you want to pay, croak instantly to a paid offer. Do not lose, finally, it will be much more interesting because that they will have really developed their offering from the start to offer a paid offer. You’ll repay about the same price as the free VPNs offer paid, but you will have access to much more. So this is what it looks like. Too, next to the different offers and “youve had” the free offer no credit card so it’s not necessary. What’s cool is the only one of the three free ones that we presented to you that furnishes an online chat. So that is pretty cool. that sets him apart a little bit, and that’s it. So if the two VPNs free that we presented to you before do not satisfy you, you will be able to take Hide.Me.So there you have it for the VPNs that are really free. And now for finish this video, we would like to present you a little tip that staggeringly of beings use. It is to take advantage of the satisfied or refunded the times of Paid VPNs. So, paid VPNs are, our favorite is ExpressVPN but there are some others. There is also Cyberghost, NordVPN, Surfshark. They are all, therefore, paid, so “theyre not” free VPNs. You are not going to be able use them for free. What you will be able to do, nonetheless, is fee. So, that you make the one month subscription. You don’t bother to go for the long haul. So you, you can go on along expression. In all cases, with this in mind, the goal is to request your refund at the end. So you offer, you use the VPN throughout the period it is refunded. So for ExpressVPN for example, it’s 30 days and at the end, after 29:59, 29 eras sorry, 23 hours 59 times and 59 seconds, you take a little bit of perimeter anyway.Ask you for your refund. You send a short message to customer support and you will be fully recouped. So that is really interesting. Why is it really interesting to do that? Because you will have for 30 daytimes a rightfully unlimited VPN across the board. So ExpressVPN, it has 94 countries Covered. So if we are going to recommend everything now, so there, we have the different countries, so we have all the countries encompassed. So this is in Europe. You would give Asia Pacific, America. So actually all “the two countries ” are, well there are 94 countries embraced, so that’s huge. You have access to more than 3000 servers around the world. So again this is huge.It creations great for Netflix, for Amazon prime, for Disney +, to even watch French channels from abroad, whether M6, OCS, Canal. Everything directs and that, the above reasons which procreates it genuinely the best VPN today is both its security, therefore it was audited by PWC. So, actually a standard to its implementation of audit, to ensure its total absence of logs, but also its rapidity. So this is the fastest VPN, it certainly searches gap. You “il be seeing”, if you use the free VPNs we presented before, that you are going to have, really big droops in your hurrying of connection.This is not the case with ExpressVPN. He is really really fast. So, it’s really very interesting to use it, so to are benefiting from its 30 -day money-back guarantee. Of track, you are going to have to pay, so ExpressVPN, you have to pay 12 dollars, 12 euros sorry for the one month subscription, but after that, you will really have access to a great VPN and in the end, after 30 days, it won’t provided free of charge anything. The repayment is really without situation. “Were not receiving” little condition that pussyfeet in as time some VPNs, which set: if you request your refund, that you have applied 500 mega bandwidth, it will be refused, “if youre having” connected more than 100 experiences to the VPN during the satisfied or refund period, we will refuse the refund. This is not the case with ExpressVPN. it directs actually. It has been researched several times. Well officially, we are not really countenanced but hey now we are, we measured that at many times. it labor. You just send a send to customer support.You tell them I want to stop the subscription, reimburse me and they will reimburse you. So, it’s really really practical. So there you have it, to sum up, we’ll do a quick one, a speedy summary of this video with the different VPNs we assured. We will apply, we will compress it so that it takes a little less space and we’ll open Windscribe. So which is something we examined is ProtonVPN. Unlimited on bandwidth, access for seven days to all the servers of the paid offer, as well as more servers fast but after 7 days you spend on the render genuinely curtailed shipping and there you have access to only three countries, the USA, the Bas and Japan. Second VPN we construed “whos also” certainly free and which not even necessary registration, it’s Windscribe, “youve had” by default 2 gigabytes. If you make an account you have 10 gigas and what is really nice here is that “youve had” ten countries to connect to which France, the United Commonwealth, the United kingdom government, Canada. So that is really cool. Third free VPN we met was Hide.Me. Hide.Me, 10 gigabytes of bandwidth per month, access to four countries that are the Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Nation. No prospect to use Netflix like the other two free VPNs we’ve seen, but it’s free. You do not need to enter any fee approach, that’s perfect. Lastly, the third, there the little maneuver, advice on the end of this video, is to use the satisfied or payed reporting period a payment VPN like ExpressVPN which is for us the best VPN. You have 30 daytimes. You experience without limit all its benefits and at the end you claim your rebate and you will be fully payed. it won’t cost you anything. We hope that this video you liked. Do not are hesitant to framed a bit like, that we will be a great pleasure.it shows us that we don’t work for nothing. so it’s really nice. Share the video, leave us feedback if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer you. Thank you very much and told you soon ..

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