hey guys welcome back so I composed acommunity upright asking you what video did you want to see next and the majority ofyou voted for cloudbursts so you won’t understand what are torrents how totorrents work what the risks of downloading through outpourings can youISPs truly experience while you’re downloading when you’re using tides and questionslike that so in this video today I’ll be answering all of those questions andalso showing you a real-life letter or email that I received when I didactually do a test down at offer torrent without employing my VPN so with all of thatbeing said let’s get about him ok so right from the top what are torrentswhat is BitTorrent how does it all work so BitTorrent itself is a communicationprotocol used for peer-to-peer file sharing it was invented back in a 2001 from a programmer called a Bram Cohan from the University of Buffalo verysmart guy so he devised this as a real efficient optimized road of sharing largefiles so instead of having a single source server where everybody’s tryingto get to that server everyone pull from a single server consumers or parties thatwant to download that register can assemble what’s called a swarm and in that swarmthey could all download and upload at the same time so even if I’ve got 5% ofa enter I can now share out 5% of that file it is therefore time means that instead ofhaving a single generator you now have multiple beings all in that horde alluploading and downloading at the same time so it certainly makes out the kind ofcentral single object of default from the equation because everybody can join ineven if you have restraint bandwidth we can all contribute everyone is sharingit really sees now so much more efficient and companies I entail bigcompanies like you know gaming corporations you know most of the Linux distributionsthey come down as torrents exactly because it’s so much more efficient to havepeople share out the file for you then you know the companies themselves arestanding up individual servers and telling parties you know care to thisserver and download the datum because for that it’ll cost have more coin theservers at the port will have to have lots ofand with it’s just it’s just not efficient so if you merely have peoplethat want to download it then as a downloading they can also be sharing atthe same time so it just establishes them more of a community kind of fuel when you’regetting these files now apparently I’m talking about downloading legitimatefiles I’m not talking about downloading anything you know illegal or you knowcopyright and that’s where the bad sort of image that trans has gone because alot of people do use it to download you know copyrighted material movies you knowgames that kind of stuff but torrance themselves are not legal at all andthey’re used by you know many companies and even more and more fellowships are nowsearching to them time because of how efficient they are so let’s demonstratethis in real life so we have a person now who wants to download something hegoes to a public tracker he spots a downpour that he requires he remains ondownload and that downloads a deluge enter onto his manoeuvre you can’t getwhat’s called a magnet link I saw before now for this demonstration let’s say youdownloaded a folder a flow datum which is understood by your BitTorrent clientand that record say to you how to join a tracker now in the tracker you’ll haveother people who are a part of that swarm while sharing that drop-off or who areall downloading that datum at the same time now even if they haven’t got 100% of the enter they can now start sharing that far with you and as you startgetting some of that folder you can also start sharing a file out so this is withthe whole pair to piss off you know terminology in concert comes from soyou’re downloading and you’re too uploading and that’s one of the bigissues where when you are downloading something that’s you know copyright orcopyright infringing it’s the fact that it’s not the fact that you’re justdownloading this illegal content you’re also uploading here and that’s where thetroubles off begins ok then so how are you tracked when you’re downloading thistorrent is it genuinely you is speed that does it is it somebody else well inreality and in my own experience your RSP is don’t really care because this is nottheir content so if you were to download a potentially copyright contravening let’ssay movie for example you know what does your ISP care because it’s not theircontent now the people that do care are those copyright holders so they own thecopyrights to this movie for example and they will pay these companies or thirdparties to basically stop people getting access to their copyrighted material andthe channel they do that so as previously mentioned in my last video what thetabata evidenced you you are familiar with so if I just wanted to download thispotentially illegal movie I would join up you know a public tracker up downloada flow record that’ll tell my client where to go off and find the horde ofother people sharing this record so if I can do it they can do is well so allthey need to do is basically only standard the same torrent into thetorrent client the outpouring consumer goes to show you these are old IPS are currentlysharing out this file these are the IPS are currently downloading now they canthen find the owners of the IP address which is PS had this IP so if we use meas an example they can say oh look at this IP address over here is done it inthis torrent this IP address belongs to this is P let’s now contact the ISP andsay you got an IP address here downloading our copyrighted content tellthem to delete it immediately and that’s exactly what happens but plainly it’snot a speciman of a manual guy sitting and you know looking IP addresses it’s allautomated now so they literally have dialogues or BOTS that “re going away” and jointhese Torrent crowds they can see all the IP addresses downloading them and viaautomation they you know pull the IPS they find out the owners of those IPaddresses as in which is PS and those notes go out automatically so thatmade it very slick and you know automated but that’s how it designs so dothe ISPs care so I mull I various kinds of handled this in the previous slide soit’s not the ISPs themselves that really care if you’re downloading you know thiscopyrighted content it’s the copyright owner so if it’stheir media their movie their activity they’re the ones are concerned ifsomebody else is actually illegally sharing that content so it’s not yourISPs it’s the copyright holders so how to stay anonymous so you mostly needa method of disguising your IP address so if you do want to use torrents if you dowant to get magnetism from outpourings that are likely to be potentially controversial if you dowant to do that then it is necessary to a method of concealing your IP address and mostsimply the most effective way to do that is just use the VPNsso if there was someone that was trying to track you know which IP Zorindownload you know their content because you’re not applying your real IP it won’tmake a difference for you because the IP address that they’ll are presented in their logswon’t belong to you so nobody can know there’s actually you that was done inthat horan so I personally use ipvanish when I want to do anything online ordownload something only save myself sore anonymous and safeonline if you want to use the same VPN as me I’ll leave a link in thedescription if you don’t want to use the VPN there are other methods out therelike for example you could also use what’s called a seed box so seed container issomething that you mostly pay for and the seed container does the downloading foryou then you yourself just access that content once has already been downloadedso if somebody was to see if somebody was going to that swarm and meet whichIPS are downloading this content they’ll only identify the IP of the seed carton not yourISP so you yourself are preserved safe because it’s the grain container that’sactually doing the downloading for you and formerly the grain container has the completefile you can then really standard that directly so that’s also another methodif you don’t want to use a VPN but you really want to stay anonymous ok so Ithink this is the one that everybody’s been waiting for so why she does happenif you were to download something that is copy right now let me just say it onemore time in a sense like you know you can’t download copyrighted material butif nobody helps I eat the copyright holder doesn’t care then it’s not gonnamake a difference for you you don’t wanna get elector nobody’s gonna knockon your doorway the police are not gonna arrest you nothing like that however ifyou are a copyright holder and you want to make sure that you know yourcopyrighted you know movie or something else is not being illegally shared then1 00 percent you are able to you know attach these outpouring networks you would get alist of all the IP addresses and you would be sending characters via the ISP totell that person they need to remove or stop sharing that copyrighted contentand that’s exactly what happened to me so for a test I did download a movie itwas actually the Kong movie and at that time I wasn’t moving a VPN andbasically I downloaded it and then within got a couple of epoches I received thisemail from my ISP and let me bring it up and this is what it looks like so youget an email from your ISP which says you know mine’s from the abusedepartment telling me that there’s potential copyright infringementnotification it says to me that they received a takedown notice from anorganization which believes that they’re the rights holder which is the copyrightholder for this content this was the content now they have alleged thathosts on your network is being used for the dissemination download or upload of the material without license because clearly so theyare the copyright holder and somebody is you know illegally downloading oruploading this document they are verified that they owned thiscopyright we just look further down here we can see it’s actually Warner Brosentertainment so it’s their movie they own the copyright they don’t nobodydownloading it or sharing it and this is why they’ve now is sending out this lettertelling me I need to delete this material so it was just a test only to show youthat if you were to download something you know that copyright owned does careabout you can get these kind of notes and and here we can just see becausethey had my IP address it was very easy for them to find that was me that I wasdownloading it because I wasn’t exploiting a VPN I was using my regular IP all thereto do was just join that crowd experience all the IP addresses that were downloadingit and just contact the ISP so so obviously if I was using a VPN theywould have been able to see my real IP though hey we can you see that it wasthe BitTorrent protocol that was being used this is the port that my buyer wasusing at the time and they only can just see what the designation was and what themovie was and how big-hearted it was so it simply shows you like you know if you do wantto go down this road and download you are familiar with potentially copyrighted materialit’s very easy for them to find it if you do use your normal IP well youactually constituted it to the last slide so many thanks for watching guys reallyappreciate your subsistence on this if you did find the video helpful D make it athumbs up if you want to see more content like this you know if you’reinterested in like you know how the technology works in the back pas howthese apk is you know pull the documents and everything else definitely do subscribefor more content I’m actually doing two giveaways at the moment one for when Iget to 90 K subs which should be happening quite soon and another one forthe month of August that’s gonna be something I’m gonna try and do everymonth so a monthly giveaway of like an Android box or something else so pleasedo have a look in the description and do enter in both rivalries 20 ideas haveto make sure that you’re agreed you can also get more introductions by you knowfollowing me on Twitter or retweeting a tweet so lots of ways for you to enterto maximize your chances but so once again chaps many many thanks for yoursupport is great that you guys are still supporting me still leave me thosecomments to leave me those like so your backing actually does mean a great deal and Ireally do appreciate hear and I will hopefully catch up with you guys veryvery soon thanks thank you again for watching people oh and if youinterested in a VPN if you click on that associate on the bottom left you’ll get agreat 46 percent rebate if you are worried about your privacy and you wantto stay safe online I do recommend you check out VPN thanks again guys see youon the next one

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