✅ Surshark Vpn Review of 2021 – Is it the best budget VPN?

✅ Check out my latest Surshark Vpn Review of 2021. Is it the best budget VPN?
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Transcript of Surfshark VPN Review 2021 – Best Budget VPN?

What’s happening guys, so a little while ago, I did a review video on some VPN and surf shark came out on top as the best budget VPN. If you want to check out the latest price of surf shark along with any deals or discounts that they might have on offer, then check out the link in the description below. So what I thought I’d do today is revisit surf shark and see if it can still hold that title. Now, first of all, something which is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a VPN is their level of customer service. Now surf shark actually great for this. I tested it myself by coming onto their website and clicking on the live chat button. You just have to put in your email address and the name and then ask your question, you click Start chat. And literally for me, within a few seconds, somebody was online. And this was a real person, I asked if this product can unblock Netflix, and the answer that came back was immediate. And they said yes, you can. And not only that, they listed the whole lot of countries which you can unblock Netflix from. Now being able to talk to a real person from the company this easily is always a massive bonus because you know that if you ever have any issues and you can get them dealt with straightaway. So another factor which determines whether a VPN is good or not, is the speed in which it operates. Now, with all VPN, you have to have a slight drop in speed compared with your Internet’s base speed. This is just because you’re routing through one of their servers. And it’s completely normal to have a slight reduction in speed. And how much of a reduction you get will differ between VPN, for example, express VPN that usually leads the field in this case, as their speeds are usually reduced from the base internet speed by about three to 10% depending on how far away the server is that you’ve selected. So as you can see, my base internet speed when I’m not connected to the VPN at all is coming in at 72 megabits per second. So when I connect to the closest server to me, I’d expect that to drop a bit, but I’m hoping it won’t go below about 65 megabits per second as this would be acceptable for the sort of price range we’re looking at. So I’ve actually sped up the footage of this next speed test, so you don’t have to sit through it. But as you can see, it comes in at an unbelievable 70 megabits per second. So it basically hasn’t really been reduced at all, I really wasn’t expecting it to perform that well. And on this occasion is actually outdone, ExpressVPN which is known for being the fastest VPN on the market, which is pretty impressive considering that this cost around three times less than Express. So let’s see how well it does when connecting to a much more distant server. For me, this would be a server in America. So I’ve selected one in New York and hit the speed test button. Now when I was testing ExpressVPN, this would come in around about 65 or 66 megabits per second, but with surf shark is coming in at a still very respectable 61 megabits per second. Now again, considering that the price is three times less than Express, I think this is pretty impressive. And let’s be honest, that small difference in speed probably isn’t going to be noticeable to you anyway. So let’s take a look at some of the other features that surf shark has to offer. First of all, we’ll take a look at the locations now they actually have over 3200 different servers over 65 different countries. So no matter where you are in the world, you will always be able to find a country that’s near to you to connect to. Next up we have a list of static IP servers. These are useful for if you want to make sure that you have the same IP address every single time that you connect to the VPN, a feature which not many VPN actually offer. Next to this are the multi hop servers. And now this is when you want double the encryption. What it does is it will connect you…Ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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