✅ Surfshark Mac Tutorial & Setup Review 👌 Surfshark VPN Mac Guide

Unknown Speaker 0:00 What’s up everyone, Patrick here and in today’s VPN video, I’llbe demonstration you how to use surf shark VPN on your Mac OS laptop or computer. Now, surf sharkis one of the top tier VPN services available today. And I’ll include a associate down in thedescription so you can check it out for yourself. Now, just like for the Window explanation, the MacOS version of channel-surf shark, it goes through pretty much the same process for getting it downloadedinstalled and ranging it on your computer. So the first thing you’ll do is open up your web browserand head over to channel-surf shark.com. And from here, you can either sign up or signed off if you alreadyhave an existing surf shark account. Now if you have to sign up for an account, you’ll have tofirst hand-picked your due statu that you’re going to be choosing.And then that practice, you cango ahead and jump right into it formerly you have the app installed. So since I once have one, I’ll go ahead and log in using my existing email and password. And then this will bring me to mysurf shark dashboard. Now this shows you all the available stages that you can download it for, I’ll go ahead and click on the Mac OS and then from here, I can choose direct download or usethe app supermarket if I prefer.Now, I’m going to go ahead and espouse the direct download just becauseI prefer to get the package or dmg registers instantly. And after a immediate download, you’ll now see thatdmg file is available on your computer. And simply clicking on that will start to open up the surfshark installer. Now the installer, all you have to do is click on the surf shark icon. And thiswill allow you to then open it up and is starting. Go ahead and reached open really because it is a fileyou downloaded directly from the website as opposed to the App Store.It’s not signed in.So Apple is not sure if you’re procure with it. Go onward and affected OK. And then we are able to closeout the installer window and then we’ll go ahead and click Agree and continue. And thenrearranges windows so it’s now midst screen. And this is where your account comes into play.Obviously, you had to have an account in order to download the bundle file or dmg file to beginwith. So we’ll go ahead and participate that login info right here. And when you’re done with that, youcan go ahead and click Log In. Now this brings us to the dashboard of surf shark where you discover afull schedule of locations and a big Connect button at the bottom right clicking on that will then giveyou the Add VPN and Settings tab which simply gives you an apple reminder asking if you want toconfigure this as a VPN, of course, you’ll click Allow. And this will continue through the process.Now should be going and clicking on Connect will auto connect to a smart or the most wonderful connectionfor your machine and location.Clicking on this little arrow down now merely above connected willgive you a little more detail about that VPN connection and then clicking the toggle switchfor the kill switching will allow you to turn that on and off. Now the kill substitution is simply whetheror not if you get disconnected from your VPN, if your internet be continued. Now I turn thatoff just because I’m not too worried about it. But if you’re somebody that doesn’t want to beconnected to the internet without a VPN live, then I would definitely recommend leaving thaton now scrolling through the listing of locations, “youre seeing” all of these different countriesand servers in locales accessible within these countries and clicking on any one of themwill auto connect to that server and then you’ll receive a little star next to each of themand those will simply allow you to select your favorites now going to see top you can select static, or multi hop.Now multi hop-skip simply means that you’re associate to a VPN which then connects toanother VPN and then your expiration end giving you a little more anonymity while browsing online.Now you can see I’ve added grease to my favorites at simply clicking on that star contributes it to myfavorites if I’m trying to connect immediately to select server and then you’ve got nearest countryor fastest server those are two of the default runs. Now clicking on the little gear iconwill bring up your app wishes. And this is just the general sets for your app rangingfrom the general network account upgrades advanced and peculiarities that are available through your appand going in reading any of the invoices next to any of these buttons or options will give you a veryself explanatory breakdown of what each of those deep-seateds do.Now that is how you download installand use surf shark VPN on your Mac OS laptop or desktop computer and include a tie down in thedescription below time channel-surf shark so you can check it out for yourself and understand why they areone of the top accessible VPN services today. And just like some of the other ones they do have a 30 date coin back guarantee so you can give it a try and see if it’s the right is suitable for you. And if youfound this video helpful, please be sure to give it a like and subscribe to the channel for otherhelpful VPN videos just like this one and until next time. Thanks for watching.Transcribed by https :// otter.ai.

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