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Unknown Speaker 0:00 What’s up everyone, Patrick now and in today’s VPN video, I’ll be showingyou how to use Nord VPN on a Mac OS laptop or computer. Now Nord VPN is one of the top VPNservices available today. And they do furnish a 30 date money back guarantee. So you can try itout for yourself and see if it’s a good fit. So I’ll include a connection down below in the descriptionso you can check it out for yourself. But prancing right into it downloading and installing and thenrunning Nord VPN on your Mac OS is just like doing it on a Windows computer. So you’ll open up yourweb browser and intelligence over to Nord vpn.com. And then from here, you can either log in if you havean existing account or sign up and then select the subscription service that best fits you. Now sinceI already have an account, I’ll go ahead and sound Log In, penetrate my login credentials, email andpassword and it will bring me to my Nord account. Now the dashboard has a few tabs on the left sidegoing and clicking on the Downloads tab will show you all of the accessible programmes that you canget Nord for now clicking on the download button will make you immediately to the App Store clickingon these three flecks and then on the top option will allow you to download the box filedirectly to your computer.So you can subvert the App Store if you’re just not trying to use it, or don’t definitely providing access to it right the second largest. And this will take merely a few moments.But then Once the download is complete, you can go ahead and open up that bundle register to run theNord VPN installer. And from here, you can just go ahead and punched continue got a couple of era and thenhit install and then it will elicit you for your Apple login confirmation, really enter your passwordand then you’re good to go. It will immediately reinstalling the Nord VPN launcher. And as you can see, the facility was now successful. I’ll go ahead and touched close. And then I’ll have to unearth itdirectly from the works windows. So going into finder all the way on the left of my disallow, and then scrolling down to Nord VPN, and double clicking on that will open up the Nord VPN app.Unknown Speaker 2:09 Now when the app opening hours, I am greeted by themap of the entire world.Now as you can see, mine is just not working right now I do haveto update a graphics move for my Mac. So regrettably, it’s just a black screen, butstill shows the locations of all the available countries that you can choose from now this isn’trestrictive of only all of these servers, but simply the countries that the government has servers available inand of course, you can break it down any further or get more specific by going through the countrylist on the left side and then clicking on any one of these countries. And it will auto connectto the best available server in that country for your connection.Now clicking on the threedots to the right of any country will show you the complete list of accessible spheres within thatcountry that you can choose from now as you can see, Argentina has a list of serversthat I can choose from and clicking on. And clicking on any one of these will allow me toconnect to them and scrolling all the way down, we can go ahead and find the United States.Andas you can see, there is a large list of countries and within those even more regions and withinthose even more servers. Now clicking on the preferences icon at the top of the window, you cansee that these are all the different settings that you can change within the Nord VPN app itself, arraying from General autoconnect presets kill swap DNS form, other apps and accountand these are all unusually, very straightforward. Obviously, they want to make it easy for you touse.Now there are some little more technical phases to it. So if you’re a littleoverwhelmed, don’t have to change the settings if you don’t need to. Now backing outyou can see that undoubtedly this is just a awfully, very straightforward service to use. If you’relooking for a powerful VPN to remain anonymous online, that simply induces informality of use one of thetop priorities now scrolling down to the United Position. Clicking on the three specks, you cansee that there are two tabs both for regions and servers will vary depending on how I want to breakit down from there. In clicking on servers, you can see that there is a little heart icon nextto any one of these and that simply allows me to favorite that server.And that might be somethingthat after trial and error I find that this server drives perfect for me. And so I want to savethat to my favourites and then just like any of the other ones clicking on any one of these will autoconnect you to it. And then there is a disconnect button at the top right that you can click on todisconnect from the server at any point in time. Now that is exactly how to download install anduse Nord VPN on your Mac OS laptop or computer. Now of course this wasn’t a in depth look at itbut simply a summary to seeing how to get it going and what to look for. I do have some other videosthat you can check out for a little bit more in depth look at Nord VPN or some other toptier VPN is found in world markets today. And like I said in the beginning I’ll include alink down in the description to Nord vpn.com.So you are eligible to check it out for yourself and let me knowdown in the comments how much you experience exerting Nord VPN or if you prefer a different VPN service. 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