✅ Malware Bytes Review – Pro’s, Con’s And My Overall Recommendation for 2021

✅ Today I’m doing a Malwarebytes review which claims to be the best at blocking threats like worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, bots, & more. But are they really the best?
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✅ Today I’m doing a Malwarebytes review which claims to be the best at blocking threats like worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, bots, & more. But are they really the best? What is happening guys, today I thought I’d take a look at Malwarebytes. Now over the last 10 years a Malwarebytes has been a widely downloaded piece of software. And it’s often used after a virus or malware has already taken hold of your computer. It’s well known for being great at removing any threat and also removing any little files that have been left behind. And along with this and making any repairs that your computer needs after the attack. But being that is usually used after the attack has already taken place, people often use it in conjunction with other antivirus software suites. But over the last 10 years, the software has evolved a lot and is now able to with the premium plan take care of real time of virus protection as well. So they’re now competing with the top antivirus brands out there. But this does come at a cost. So today in this review, we’re going to take a look at the difference between the free plan and the premium plans and find out if it’s worth buying. So let’s jump onto the computer and take a look at some of the key features. So as I’ve already mentioned, Malwarebytes real time protection is limited to being a feature of their paid premium plan. My tests were fairly good when running various malware samples past real time, it had good detection rates. However, having used Malwarebytes in the past, I’m aware that they turn their detection up to 11. And by that I mean that they’re quite aggressive in blocking various software’s from running Malwarebytes have a reputation for blocking software from vendors they deem potentially unwanted. It isn’t uncommon to encounter Malwarebytes annoyingly removing software that it considers PII up without consulting the use of first pay up standing for potentially unwanted program. In fact, Malwarebytes has quite a track record of blocking software without reason. Because of this anti malware vendor Enigma software are currently involved in a legal battle with Malwarebytes after they blocked enigmas Spy Hunter programs. The reason why this has gone to court is because it’s believed to have been done on anti competitive grounds rather than for the protection of the user. In the antivirus market. Today, we’ve come to expect certain features with maintenance and performance to be included with all packages as a standard thing, but Malwarebytes focus is purely on malware prevention, removal and repair. This means that unfortunately, they do lack some of the main features which we’ve come to rely on from your average antivirus solution. For example, there’s no junk file clean up no startup software management, or no browser managing functions. And with a lack of these tools and features, many new users are going elsewhere so they can have a more own round solution. Now this might not be a problem for the more advanced PC user who can maintain a lot of these security issues themselves, but they’re certainly missing vital features which would definitely appeal to more novice users who want an all in one trusted antivirus and optimization solution at $40 a year Malwarebytes falls somewhere in the middle of the market compared to other antivirus solutions, but with less features than its competitors would expect Malwarebytes to come out at the cheaper end of the market. In fact, if you check out the link in the description below, you’ll find a product which is not only half of the price of Malwarebytes. But most of the experts agree that this product is actually better and more feature packed for the average user. If we take a look at industry test bodies AV test Malwarebytes most recent October 2020 test showed the company scores at its best with 100% score and three out of four tests and an almost maximum 99.4%. In the fourth test, it earned a maximum six points for its protection. However, that’s the only six point rating it achieved over the whole year…Ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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