you are tired of losing pvp activities you cannot triumph a single game you have a bad connection because today I am going to teach you a tutorial on how to play pvp games with a ping and a stable latency so if you don’t want to miss it then stay in this video until At the end, subscribe, activate the buzzer and above all leave your like and share it with everyone because this is the best tutorial you are going to see and too be careful, it is also free, it is good because it would already be here on the mobile here you also ascertain my precious face and Well, what do we have to do to lower this latency to reduce the ping? What do we have to do? Well, we are going to download a vpn and I promise you, I have tried like 20 or so and it is only where I It has worked more or less okay now there are two things that I want to clarify before one is that there is an option that will be the free option that I am going to call the latam operation ok it will be called the can operation because that consists of obtaining them free of charge because otherwise we can have a three-day trial, but after three days we have to pay a dollar with 99 at least that which most could render it but for those who cannot afford it, we are going to use the operation so well said this present it so if we continue again inside the mobile ok and we are going to download the vpn because it is a vpn undoubtedly ok then it is this page now ok we have to go to this page ok it is a 1,163 dotcom ok We are going to simply hand it there and it will take us to this page and depending on the mobile we have, we can download it from the romp accumulate or it is as simple as be downloaded automatically, so we will simply give it to download and in my instance it is redirected to google play is okay and why it has so few adepts because if you examine it has a 3 with 1 wizards very little not good because if you start reading beliefs and others it is because most people think that ue this is to play call of duty albur ok and not this is for authentic Chinese mobile games to be able to reduce ping and latency ok so right now I am going to show how it would be at the beginning of everything once we have it invested patently not I’m going to show you how to download the game and others because you already have a tutorial that you have on the channel, so look at it there, you have it here and then there, well I’ll be leaving it, which is how to start a trust because it is the best way now.Even because whatever you want to do, Victor is going to give you one of the issues that you will not imagine as soon as we have this around here, it is not worth it, we have already installed it, so now what we have to do is open it, okay, we are going to open it for the first time. Okay and we’re going to accept this obviously okay and now we are going to load all the games that we have, we are going to load all of them but hey I’m only interested in this one here, that would be the one portion activity okay Mostly we is proof that down here we have all the ones that what he recommends us, we is not have it, then what has been said interests me only this, what happens if I smacked the bus first, this warning will skip and then I will have to see it, but This warning means that I am going to give it to that it is uninhabited, but it is what we have to do if we have a game assistant, as in this case, this would be my sport assistant, if “were having” this, we have to disable it, for example, it is worth it.I pay here lays ok and into the management of my plays there is a requirement to disable video games if we have it added here another recommendation is that we trigger both mobile data and wifi so I’m going to activate it for example and likewise remove the battery saving ok this is so that it simply goes better although I have tried it in both channels and it remains exactly the same so well I leave it there for the moment it is worth saying that the pin of the game is not going to be reduced to zero or 80 or much It is very less worth it that it reduces it by approximately 30 or 40 percentage, it is enough because there are other vpn that you try and they will not download anything at all, it is worth very good formerly you have given it we have disabled it if we have it yes We do not have it, we can skip this , we are going to search and we will see this menu that what we have to do create an account, create an account that is really blocked, we are able to, I recommend doing it with google or with or with twitter.Everything with gab that can be a method to create multiple histories and others, but hey, for example, I’m going to give google ok and I’m going home with any email with any email, for example, I’m going to choose this one and a notice will appear. customer so I’m going to give ok to continue and other well this we have to good I give it to consent and other immoralities and well we would have created our chronicle I as you see it is on my chronicle I have I returned it because yes and or if I have paid it, it will be presented, but if you try to give the bust, it will be presented, if you dedicate it there, a three-day test will appear, you have to give it to accept, it will have to accept it, and formerly you transfer the three-day test, you will to have to do what I will ask last-minute, but firstly, like the first time that you are going to play, and so on, they will appear to these, okay, well, I’m going to go now, I’m going to give you a search, I’m going to let you always accept So that it connects with the vpn and this is going to be loading, it is loading and here well the game is going to come out and well when he had these more or less the vpn rounds between 280 to 200 depending on where we are, it is worth Sometimes 400 others scare us because those are the firstly seconds and then it goes down again, for example , now so we are going to open the game we are going to touch the icon now and we are going to open the middle one, for example that he sidles up on me, that’s it, he keeps us boosting for The activity is okay so we are going to just wait and we are going to test it in a little pvp game which is what interests us and you will see the ping as to go down because because I am going to school video games firstly, well I am going to learn you a game first so with the vpn then I am going to learn video games if the vpn and then I am going to coach another play with the vpn so that you can see the difference it is really worth because if it is true that it varies a lot normally that more or less between 280 and 200 pepn in my occasion And how much do I have before, since I had 350 450 before, that is, imagine all that is goes down is not going to be a magical thing or much less, but it is true that the one that in my opinion is the best and the most low-toned I will not play games of these ranking because they can blow me up so I want to play calmly slowly so we are going to try it in the test mode they are worth I render it there perfect and we are going to wait for a adversary to find us and see that it is fine is a per It resounds real as you can see that is, it can’t be you and I, for example, I’m going to kept these references, it’s just to try and so you can see the ping that I have good, remember that you have seen that it started recording because it has stopped me Totally frozen screen so I has not been able do anything I have to record new plays again and learn you the methodology used the so but hey I wanted to coach you, you see here that the ping does not drop dryness normally in 200 you investigate sometimes it goes to 210 other occasions to see very seldom does it go up to 500 but only for a second of 190 200 200 at most it is worth but hey what I wanted to show was that you will say that you can play the game without current problems with 200 ping ok certainly it is not as easy as The Chinese have it but at least it is the only VPN that does not work ok I simply want to show you in this game the gdp ok and then I am going to show you a similarity of a battle with a gallant pin with the vpn sorry and A comparison against the normal game without a pin that is without vpn so that you can see it and you will see everything that changes, for example, well, it has overpowered me there but come on, I was not even moving, they were only moving the character, okay, but what more or less is it playable, look there, for example, I typically have around 200 there, sometimes that lends up to 500, but for just one second, that is, absolutely nothing happens and in fact that of 500 seems to be momentary, it’s worth momentary because if you are going to leave of bp that I have been doing live and I take advantage of the fact that I leave and you will see that all the pvp plays that I have done have never been lowered, that is, it has always been in 200 very well prepared and has never been raised for a moment to 500 or anything valuable that this I presume will be momentary but I have said that around 200 it is worth I had a rod from 350 to 380 and 400 can be lowered to 200 it is worth if you are from another country because perhap it will be better for you or perhaps it will be worse for you is it worth dreaming or you will have to pr obar you but hey is that in my bag I wanted to show you the yearn that I have so good I am going to put you right now the comparison to seeing how it would be playing with vpn and playing without vpn because it is really that it is the only one “whos working” if you know another vpn that works better leave it in the comments but I reckon not because I have tried more than 20 vp it is or Chinese vpn and none used to work so good so in the comments and yield us some but I will start right now comparings yes i long have already seen that the difference is quite clear and it demonstrates much better then imagine that we come here someone booster well and puts us has expired our three – day test oversteps as the extended well because we will now yes yes to explain the 888 lava method ok let’s explain the latam method and there is a requirement to do these steps one hundred percent as I am going to do them because as long as I do a gradation that you shouldn’t, you can’t laden it ok so follow these steps at secretion e of the note ok we are not going to go to the internet in fact it will have all the description but hey we are going to download this app clones of this page this explanation and well as it is ok I recommend you go to the link of the specific characteristics but hey you are eligible to look for it Likewise so we are going to download it, I already have it so I afford it now and we are going to install it as certainly it is okay, we are going to give it there if you want to install this application because clearly of course we are going to wait for it to be installed and We are going to open it, we are going to open it, we wait a moment if it does not open, well, we close, we close, we open from here, okay, we wait and we omit all this and we finish well this is as a premium copy peculiarity, it is not matter, we are going to maybe later because we are not interested and here we are going to install our recreation booster from the lotion but nothing because what if I give the data from the game booster from here then even if I want to create a brand-new customer it won’t work for me To leave it is not going to leave me so that you have to take it into account you have to do it from a cloned application and it is not valid for the cavity nor I are not aware that I do not know how much it is worth I have also tried 4 lotion cloners and it has not worked or Either better or assured is with this clones app that is very simple and it was already ok we are going to give this to game booster ok we hand it and then we represent a moment ok it will seem like the tutorial this and others waiting we hand it here something that is not what it asks us and before devoting clone we have to give cloning alternatives ok we will give it there and where it settles under normal cloning state we will touch it and we will make it manifest ok we will employed a attest in In case the manifest does not work for you, it makes it normal, but it works for me merely with a certify, okay, so we give it to the manifest, we throw it back and now we are going to clone it where it is cloned in the little button here ok the blue that comes out here Well, we are going to give it there we are going to give it to allow ok and we are going to give it to accept so we simply hope that it does not make long either, it takes about 15 seconds or less, tie you, that’s it, so we are going to install it, we grant settings.We give to allow installation root etc. etc. we sacrifice it back and now if we give it to install once it has been installed as it comes here, tournament booster has been installed, we have here these two employments the first and the second is worth the second Yes, we open it for the first time, well, this is all correct, we are going to give it here and here it will start to onu all the games we have, although we are only interested in this one here, it is worth that the one slouse if we give it to me it will To go out again about the trial of three days several here is very important, what happens if I by the data is that we are going to do it, okay, we are going to do it, now I am going to delete data even if the application is installed either provide why e because it makes us as the email that is the phone data then it fucks us but hey we leave it now we are going to open the application and see that if I agree now , nothing “re coming”, it obligates me inactive, nonetheless, in the Here it “ve been told” about the free tribulation with which there is a requirement to do because installing it from the cloned employment cloner is imperative for the above reasons afterwards do not leant me in the comments hey it does not work for me as I speculate again the tactic in which I know I do not know How much do you understand then that has two alternatives the first is to pay the simplest for a dollar with 99 or this one, which is the tactic, so every three days you will need an email or twitter or facebook accounting every three days then a A little or a bit[ __] but hey, surely some of you from here will have like 30 e-mails for Egypt, well we’re going to give you a login, I’m going to achieve, for example, with facebook this time it’s okay because with google I’ve tried it before and it has given me misstep val And when I have tried it so well I am going to achieve it here so well we leant the data patently we give it to continue as a user to start this consignment and I would have the allen report we would have that of the free test so we can touch it directly from here and we can see to be able to buy it or if we do not require it then we yield it back because we are not interested in buying it not because we are applying the latam policy and we are going to adjust the game so I simply leave it here to probe and well you I framed that disabled the other one is valid and we are going to give you to receive the free ordeal of three days and there it says congratulations we have won this I do not know what I do not know how long we are going to continue and we are going to allow you to always allow you always and Automatically it would be connecting us with the game at the beginning you may get a high ping worth between 200 400 even but then it goes down then it goes down that is only the first seconds but then it goes down country Yes and wait a little bit because you get this from here, okay then we simply touch the game button here and we are going to open our tournament and you can see that we can search for it and it opens as it is, we do not have to download the game again, we is not have We have to do nothing else simply if we clone the application with the queue that I have said today and I will leave you in the description because you can do everything properly and everything very well and now we will play a pp competition we would not be like three days and what happens after Those three days well, then I would have to reinstall the application as it would be done because I am going to remove the screen again, it is okay, this one I close this too and now all I have to do is click and uninstall it, I uninstall it again I reopen app kloner I’m going again to the game booster ok I apply it there and again we gave manifest cloning alternatives just in case ok we can change the list collapsed the list or the icon that is not necessary and we sacrifice it or Once to clone ok and again when we have been cloned then we log in again but with a different account because as we log in with the same account this is not going to be of any use to us, so those people that would be the latam tactic and I hope we do well in the pvp at least a little bit I hope so nothing tell me please please I actually ask you here in the comments that you put me how much ping you have improved in plan before 450 now 250 is worth for example worth or Before 300 now of 150 is worth to give an example but I want you to settled it here in the comments and tell me that it has already use or perhaps you tell me I am from such a poverty-stricken country at 700 and now it will go to 800 as well It is worth mentioning it so that we know it and if you say the country that you are well likewise better because that room we know more exact data so I hope you liked it I hope that you have solved the little problem this of the pp ping at least a little bit not a little Safer Mind yes and nothing that we see in another video is worth and good-for-nothing that if you are one of them you can also look for this application but I do not know any app cloner that works at least it would be worth so that I do not know you can try it in a emulator to me as I do not go in emulator because I can not test it so efe but hey that those who try it in emulator please confirm here by the comments if it operates or not, so well the mobile does work at least in android and nothing else now yes yes and leave your observes the report contains commentaries subscribe activate the bell and come and see you tomorrow with more come a salutation

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