✅ How to Use NordVPN on Android 📱 Ultimate NordVPN Tutorial in 2021

Unknown Speaker 0:00 What’s up everyone, Patrick now and in this video, I’ll be indicating you how touse Nord VPN on your Android phone. Now Nord VPN is one of the top VPN services available today.And VPN simply expressed support for virtual private structure and it allows you to mask yourself online, ittakes your IP address and routes it through a server in a different region. And then your enddestination reads the IP address of that server instead of you. Now I’ll include a link downbelow to Nord VPN, as well as any other copes or dismiss that you can’t get on their website.So let’s hop onto our phone. And the first thing we’ll do is head over to the Google Play Store.And in the top examine barroom, form in Nord VPN. Now, the first reaction is advisable to Nord VPN, and the titleshould say Nord VPN, fast VPN app for privacy and safety. And you are well aware, it’s the right one, whenyou realize over a 4.3 superstar rating with over 300,000 the examinations and 10 million plus downloads. That’s howyou know that is definitely the privilege Nord VPN, because it is one of the most widely usedVPN services available, and it’s available and not just your PC or Mac computers, but alsoiPhone, Android and some gaming consoles.But Today’s focus is for Android, so we’ll go aheadand touched that Install button. And it is now time download the app to your phone and install it onceit’s done. And formerly everything is all done, you can go ahead and affected open to open up the Nord VPNapp. Now with the app open, the first thing you’ll be accosted with is a map of the world. And you canpinch to zoom in and out just like most other delineate applications, and it goes to show visually all thesedifferent location icons that simply represent the different countries that Nord VPN is availablein or has a presence in, it’s not the amount of servers but the amount of countries now, withinthese countries, there are different regions that Nord is in.And then within those regions, thereare different servers or really exactly diverges out from the top down and touching the QuickConnect button will simply grab the most efficient and best acquaintance for you and your invention orclicking on any one of those site icons will connect you to the best available server withinthat country for you. Now on your first connect, it’s going to ask you to approve Nord VPN asyour VPN service for your phone, you go ahead and smacked OK. And as you can tell clicking on thecountry after you’ve already connected to it, you can then get a full list of all the availableregions for that country, you can just swipe up and get a full list. And then you can see alsoit has a total number of servers in those regions. So you have a good idea for the very best locales, peculiarly if you’re someone who’s trying to avoid region lockouts on streaming sites or if you’relooking for a specific destination to connect to. Now clicking on that gear icon in the top leftwill bring open the account in situates page and it gives you a full list of all theavailable regulates within Nord VPN.Now, clicking on the top one cyber sec, that justmeans cyber security and that helps boost your security and shield yourself from malware, phishing and other bad actors while online. Now, just below that you have the grant local networkdiscovery which allows you to subvert your VPN and connect to local manoeuvres such as printersand other computers on a similar network. And then below that, you’ve got the split tunneling, which simply allows you to control whether or not specific apps are connecting to your VPNwhen they’re using Wi Fi. And by default, it’s on so everything that uses Wi Fi, as longas Nord is on and connected to a VPN server will use your VPN. So you won’t have a specific appthat accidentally connects in unless you want it to. Now time below that you have the automobile Connectsetting which allows you to connect automatically and designate the parameters for that whether you’re oncellular data relating to Wi Fi, or if your VPN is always on. And by default, it’s off. So if you wantyour telephone to automatically connect to the VPN, the second you turn it on, make sure you go intothe setting and smacked always.Otherwise “youve had” full command whether it’s just on cellular data orWi Fi. Now jumping down to the next install is VPN protocol. And that’s just how the VPN serviceconnects to its servers. Nord VPN offers three different protocols, but by default, it uses therecommended one, which is simply the best one for your specific situation that’s based off locationconnection and a got a couple of other parameters. Now, you’ll see when you’re connected, there’sa little lettuce bar at the top of the window clicking on that will give you a drop down showingyou your IP address as well as the protocol that is used to connect to that server. Now wheneveryou’re connected to a server, like I said before, all you have to do is swipe up and you can seemore adjusts about that and get a full list of all the other countries that you can connect to.Now what’s cool here is on the mobile version, you can see how many metropolitans are availableUnknown Speaker 4:53 under such countries and within those cities.It gives people a register of all the accessible servers so you get an idea for how many serversare Within that city, and then how many municipals are within that country that you can connectto.And just like that, that is how to use Nord VPN on your Android phone. Now Nord is one ofthe most powerful, protected and fastest VPN services out there. But what’s even better is they havea 30 era fund back guarantee, so you can try it out. And if you’re not a follower, you don’t end uplosing anything. But if you’re like me, you’ll end up conserve the service anyway because you’ll justbe that affected with it. And like I said before, I’ll include a connection down in the descriptionbelow as well as any other spates or rebates to go along with it that might not be available ontheir website.So if you noticed this video supportive, delight be sure to give it a like andsubscribe to the channel and thumped that bell for notifications to see all of our new videos.And as always, I want to thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.Transcribed by https :// otter.ai.

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