✅ Bluehost Review – 5 Things to Know Before You Buy

✅ Check out my Bluehost Review – 5 Things to Know Before You Buy Video
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✅ Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. Here are 5 things you need to know before buying a package. What is happening guys, in today’s video, I thought we’d take a quick look at web hosting. In particular, I’m going to take a look at Bluehost. And the top five things which I think you should know, before you get a subscription with Bluehost. Now, if anyone ever asks me which hosting provider I recommend, my go to answer is always Bluehost. But this is especially true if you’re using WordPress. So let’s jump into my top five things that I think you should be aware of. So the first thing on the list is their pricing structure. And in particular, the fact that they do not offer a monthly price plan. The options here are either a 12 month, a 24 month or a 36 month plan. Now, the reason why I’m mentioning this is because some people may see this as a bad thing. But personally, I can’t really see an issue here. I don’t think many people actually have a website and plan to keep it for less than a year anyway. And on the plus side, the fact that their minimum term is 12 months is actually one of the main reasons why they can keep their prices so low. Now, just like most things, the longer that you get the subscription for the cheaper, it works out per month. And on top of this, just like most web hosting companies, your first payment always includes a huge discount. So if you were to opt for the 36 month option, that just means you’re getting a discount for a longer period of time, it’s also worth noting that there are often different deals or discounts online. So if you check the link that I’ve put in the description that will actually take you to the cheapest deal that they have on at the current time. So number two on the list is the fact that any of the Bluehost plans are highly compatible with WordPress. So if you are using WordPress is going to make life a lot easier for you. They make it very easy to make a copy of your WordPress site and put this into a website staging environment so that you can make changes and see how they will look on the copied version before you transfer these changes to the live version. And another perk of using your Bluehost package for your WordPress site is that you get 24 seven access to WordPress support. Whether this is through tickets, a live chat or a phone call, this can be a very helpful thing. So number three on my list is also good fit if you are a WordPress user, because within 30 days of activating your Bluehost subscription, they give you the option of a free Migration Service so that you can move your WordPress website from your existing hosting company over to your Bluehost account. Now this is a service which most companies would charge for, and they don’t just migrate it for you and then leave you to it, you actually have access to check it all over and make sure that everything’s working before it goes live. So number four on the list. And this one is definitely worth mentioning for anybody who’s not too tech savvy, is the fact that the whole layout of Bluehost is extremely easy to understand, which makes it very beginner friendly. Everything is laid out in such a way that even if you’re completely new to web hosting…Ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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