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Unknown Speaker 0:00 How’s it going everybody? Welcome back. And today we’re going to be checking outthe best VPN for BitTorrent and or torrenting. In general. Now, in front of me now, we haveExpress VPN and Nord VPN, both of which are great examples of what a good VPN should belike. Speed, reliability, certificate, privacy, anonymity. And most importantly, the arguably mostimportant aspect here is the kill switch. Now, if you’re not familiar with what a kill switchis for, it’s exactly what it sounds like stop all internet traffic if the VPN disconnectsunexpectedly. Now, what do “youre using” that for? When you connect to the VPN, if you’re not familiar, when you connect to the VPN, you’re connected to the servers, you’re pretty much paying for theservers where you’re connecting to encrypted servers, ensure encrypted servers, more privateservers, rather than your ISP, your internet service providers servers which are monitored.So what you’re doing here with a kill swap, let’s say you’re downloading a cloudburst that you’renot supposed to be downloading, let’s say it’s copyrighted textiles, okay.And the moment yourconnection to the VPN ceases, for whatever reason, you will revert back to the ISP servers whichare monitored, and they’ll find out what you’re doing and you’ll get in trouble. What the, what the kill substitution does, is the fact that it quits your internet contact perfectly, it seversit so that you don’t get to be subject to your ISP, and they won’t be able to find out what you’redoing online. So that’s pretty much what a kill swaps for. It’s to keep your online trafficfrom coming to be subject to your ISP should the VPN connection drop, it rarely does drop-off really wellin Express and Nord VPN action. But that is something that a kill swap is for.And for the sake of time, I’monly going to be checking out ExpressVPN today. But I want to point out something when it comes toNord VPN. And that’s really cool. It has something called the app kill switch. And that’s a reallycool feature. So if you don’t want to disable your internet entirely if the VPN connectiondrops, because you’re stream or for whatever, whatever other rationale, the app kill switchwill actually allow you to kill certain apps. So if you don’t want to, let’s say youryour internet, your VPN connection drops, it won’t kill your associate, it willjust kill that app so that your ISP won’t even be able to tell that you had that appon in the first place. So that’s really cool.Now if you’re interested in express or Nord VPN, I’llbe leaving some links to special transactions and presents in the description down below. Now, let’s dropUnknown Speaker 2:30 Nord VPN for now, if you’re interested, again, you can check out the descriptions, the links in description down below, we’re going to be takinga look at ExpressVPN. And what you should be doing really to make sure that you’re all safeand good to go. Now, as I mentioned before, you I once asked what the kill switch is for.So that’s number 1. Since I have my connection off, right now I’m not I’m not connected tothe VPN, the moment I turn on the kill swap, I no longer have internet. And that’s exactlywhat we’re looking for here. Because we’re about to engage in some torrenting activity.Now, now, Flash Gordon, in Episode One, this is a very old series, it’s I believe it’s public domain. Andyou know, this is, at this object not copyrighted substance anymore. So we’re not doing anythingillegal now. Now, before I download, apparently, I’m not going to be downloading this because Iwant to be secured firstly. So we turn on the kill swap, we’re going to go to protocols, I’m goingto stick to open VPN, because it is in the audits. For the purposes of this report, where examine firms were auditingExpressVPN and Nord, they were doing these audits and tests on open VPN on the open VPN protocoland not the lightweight protocol. Now lightweight, lightweight etiquette is a wire guard basedprotocol. But it’s pretty it’s pretty fast, and it’s pretty stick. Butwe don’t have as much proof as to how secure it is as much as open VPN becauseopen VPN is the is the protocol that got researched extensively over and over again.Unknown Speaker 4:10 So the moment we have assessments for a lightweight, I can pretty much vouch for it and you are familiar with, maybe go for it when it comes to torrenting.But as far as torrenting, I’m sticking to open VPN.That is my personal recommendation. It’sthe best combining of accelerate and safety as it says right here. It’s it may say it may notwork on all structures, but it actually works on most systems. So we’ll go to advanced and youwant to make sure that you have this ticked on exclusively use Express VPN DNS servers while connected.And what this necessitates is that you are only employing a physical Express VPN servers that merely expressVPN relied ExpressVPN hires have access to these our servers in builds or rooms thatare owned by ExpressVPN. And then there private Unknown Speaker 5:00 fasten, and nobody else has access to them. That is the purpose of this of thisoption right here. So if I take this off, I might be using virtual servers or leased serversby ExpressVPN. But I retain if I prevent this on, then I’m making sure that I’m only utilize the mostsecure of servers.So that’s a really cool feature with ExpressVPN here.Unknown Speaker 5:24 So formerly you have all that on the DNS tickedhere, clicked on, you have your open VPN protocol, and you have the network lock on, you’re going to Oh, yeah, actually, if we’re going to pick servers, you are familiar with, youdon’t have to, I suspect, go through having to test out a assortment of servers. What’s really coolis that you have a raced experiment feature here, you can run the test, and it’ll give you it’llaccurately represent the quickest server, but it may not accurately represent your speed, because I have actually have doubled that speeding. Usually France, Paris, one is the quickest serverfor me. But for some reason, ExpressVPN moved exam “didnt really” indicate you your true speed, but itwill show you the truly quickest server so for me, it’ll be Paris one, doubled click thatand here I am connected, unite, and I should have my internet access back.Nowthat it’s back. Let’s research it with Cubitt torrent, I merely gave it right here. Okay, soUnknown Speaker 6:27 now, all you need to do isUnknown Speaker 6:33 start and you could see her, okay, it’sconnecting to peers, there’s going to be very little peers, okay? Unknown Speaker 6:40 Seeing the process. So it’s gonna be, it’s notgoing to be the fastest download, certainly, your download move is going to vary dependingon your tie-in, and so on and so forth. But it’s, it’s, I guess, it’snot far worse for 700 megabytes, it’s still a little bit much, but yeah, anyways, that is how you securely download applying BitTorrent.And, you are familiar with, for me, I reallylike ExpressVPN. It’s my favorite because it’s really only a super reliable VPN in all aspects.Obviously, Nord VPN is still a wonderful alternative. Again, if you’re interested in either or I willleave joins in the specific characteristics down below so that you can check them out. Hopefully, you can savesome money through the special furnishes that I find. Anyway, that’ll be it for the video. Hope youguys learned something and I’ll see you guys in the next one.Have a good day.Transcribed by https :// otter.ai.

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