βœ… Avast Review – Is Avast Antivirus Software Keeping Up with the Competition?

βœ… Today I’m doing an Avast review which claims to be the best at blocking threats like worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, bots, & more. But are they worth using?
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When it comes to antivirus software one of the top names in the industry is Avast Well, they say that two heads is better than one and in 2016 Avast acquired AV G. So since then they put their combined knowledge together and came up with what looks like on paper to be the best antivirus product you can get. But from my experience what looks good on paper isn’t always as good in the real world. So today I’m going to review a vast and look at some real world situations and see how it compares. As we take our first steps into 2021. We can be sure that the cyber criminals and hackers won’t be far behind in developing new and innovative ways to attack our digital lives. The global pandemic has led to a lot of people working from home meaning more and more people use their own devices outside of the safety bubble of the office firewall. This has already resulted in an upward trend of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in the home user setups, devices and networks. Top Level antivirus suites provide tools to equip home users with the cyber protection needed to prevent these new found attack mechanisms. Whilst many providers such as Avast provide free solutions paid antivirus is a necessity if you want to cover all bases and leave no vulnerabilities open to hackers. A vasts free product does come with real time protection meaning any malicious file execution initiated on a computer is identified stopped and removed in real time before it can get to work. They also offer a cloud scanning feature where any unidentified unseen before files are queried with their cloud antivirus engine prior to being allowed to execute on a computer was the level of protection Avast provides has consistently scored very well in independent tests. The effect the engine has on computer performance isn’t the top performing in the industry. This was echoed in my own testing where I found a large install of a vast had caused a noticeable slowdown in computer performance when it comes to ultimate protection versus computer performance there needs to be a balance. When I tested Avast free were on a lower spec Windows machine. I found the pop ups trying to encourage paying for an upgrade not only annoying but they contributed towards a poor performance upgrading to the full Avast product improved things slightly, but there was still a noticeable lack in performance during the global pandemic. The increase in malicious websites and phishing scams is at an all time high. Many antivirus providers today offer web filtering extensions that work within web browsers identifying and flagging danger on their websites. Avast online security is a vast version of the extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Although the extension features a nice user interface and runs very smoothly. in Chrome and Firefox, it’s important not to forget that a vast hit the cyber news headlines recently they were found to be selling via third party user data scraped from this browser extension. The data collected was considered very private user data to which users weren’t aware was being shared in this way. Although Avast have made changes now, it still raises serious questions over whether Avast can be trusted in an overall cybersecurity since if they have little respect for their customers privacy. On that note, I took a look at a vast on trustpilot to get an idea of what their customers thought with just over three and a half stars out of five on trustpilot. I took a look at the bad points that customers referred to and found references to unexpected increased hire rebuilds complaints about how bloated Avast is and how its pop ups can get frustrating. In terms of trust. There are definitely antivirus providers out there scoring higher, one of which in particular stood out here which I’ll mention in a minute. Avast offer a suite of cybersecurity and optimization tools alongside antivirus such as the ability to run suspicious apps in an isolated sandbox environment, and advanced firewall, a webcam spying protection tool, automatic app updates and cleanup tools. Although these… run out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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